Ghost Mannequin Service

E-commerce stores dealing with fashion and apparel design need to be innovative with their marketing strategies to attract the audience. For several e-commerce sites and catalogs, mannequins are constantly used to produce a 3D effect of several items, like apparels such as shirts, jacket, lingerie, swim suits, trousers, and jewelries. As a final result, it is mandatory to get rid of the background and the mannequin to give a ghostly look in the best possible manner. But the only way to achieve this is to use Ghost Mannequin techniques. This photo editing solution is becoming highly popular with time as more and more online stores realize their potential.

A Ghost Mannequin Technique helps to transform your clothing images into a seemingly 3-D format for high impact on onlookers. Any apparel piece will appear to be sitting upon an invisible person. As anybody who is into apparel marketing knows, that clothes sitting upon a person or a mannequin are the best way to represent these. The appearance of a mannequin may seem unprofessional when shown on screen and the hiring of models will cost money, which is not feasible for small stores or start-ups. So, it remains upon technology to do its work and come to the rescue of web store owners.

How Do We Work?

It started by using a transparent mannequin by mixing both the front and inner portion of the products which make them beneficial. Clipping path is then applied to both the inner and front part. Afterwards, background is removed so that the inner part is fuzzy/foggy. Hence, Photoshop retouching, brightness, color correction, contrast, and sharpening are applied to create a true to life view. If you are looking for a cost-effective, budget-friendly at the same time efficient way of displaying your fashion accessories or garments for sale, then the use of mannequins is the most practical option because mannequins hold the products in shape, thus making it look more dynamic, professional, and consistent.

Why Choose Us For Your Mannequin Photo Editing Needs?

If you’re trying to create the best possible photos for your E-commerce store in the most artistic and creative way, then you have to handover your photos to us since we are an experienced Ghost Mannequin Editing Company. We are running a team of editor experts, who have skills and have hand on experience in the field of designing, and that is why we assure our the best quality work, within the time frame given for affordable cost. We provide ghost mannequin photo cutout, mannequin image clipping path, ghost image manipulation, and ghost mannequin editing. Armed with a team of competent photo editors, our company can remove or add parts to make your images perfect. Our specialty lies in adding touch ups and enhancement that make your apparel turns out to be naturally beautiful. The high quality photos we deliver will help you  display your dummy pictures on your site and grab the attention of more customers. We at Outsource Imaging Solutions, provide the best service, because we trust in quality and reputation so that our clients relay on us. We are passionate in offering the best photo editing services to all the sectors worldwide. We trust in quality service and provide the quality service to our clients and maintain the level of dignity and standard of our company. Our clients are from USA, UK, Netherlands, Sweden etc, and our team of photo editors are located in Bangladesh.

Areas of Specialization

Our committed and dedicated editors are expert in editing and cutout techniques.

We handle your photos with great care while trying out several photo restoration techniques to make them look clearer and better.

We offer the best rate in the market by lowering overheads cost without reducing the quality work that we usually provide.

We use a powerful software designed with latest technology to fix your photo.

We carefully edit garment shots taken on see through or transparent mannequins. Therefore, we are capable of working complex photos since the glare of the light is conflicting with see through nature of the material.

We will remove the studio background and mannequin and replace other parts using the most powerful tool to create a ghost effect or hollow-human effect.

For apparels on wire mannequins, we are expert at photo editing which requires a huge amount of time and efforts to edit each photograph.

We are skilled at merging two images, one turned inside out to showcase the brand label, and the other displaying the garment from the front to give prospective buyers a holistic idea.

We are expert on editing all kinds of attires and accessories.

We color each apparel image to appear true to life.

We make the intricate detail clearly visible.

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We aim at making your garment mannequin photographs look absolutely fabulous. Through the most advanced software, tools, and techniques, we deliver the best ghost mannequin photo editing services for your online clothing site. Mail us or give us a call to know more about our  ghost mannequin editing services.

We provide high quality invisible mannequin image editing and manipulation services that make your site a sales hotspot. The photos we edit are demanded by our clients globally for the purpose of turning onlooker heads to their stores.